The perfect combination of brains and brawn — the power pack gives all of the available power to the brush cutter, making sure there is no power loss due to accessories. The performance of the Bull Hog is maximized at all times taking full advantage of the maximum horsepower of the Power Pack. The microcontroller manages the head flow, engine, and hydraulic needs in real-time.

Dramatically improves engine response/recovery

Sustained peak grinding power


Fecon Power Management

Optimized operator feedback

Maximized productivity

Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs

Power Pack Features

Serious power for maximum performance

Serious power for maximum performance


  • A power pack is a dedicated power source for any application where more hydraulic horsepower is desirable.
  • A 20 Ton excavator (or larger) can benefit from the BHP270. Typically you can provide 45-60gpm to the attachment from a 20-30 Ton excavator’s hydraulic system, the BHP 270 can deliver 105 gpm.

Maximized productivity


  • Mulch Brush, Branches, Slash, Standing and Fallen Trees, Root Balls and Stumps faster and more effectively than before
  • On the job site, it all comes down to hydraulic horsepower
  • Optional weight kit to optimize balance and maximize productivity



  • The performance of the Bull Hog is maximized at all times taking full advantage of the maximum horsepower of the Power Pack.
  • The controller manages the head flow, engine and hydraulic needs in real time. 

Product Specs



Excavator Attachments - PRODUCT LITERATURE

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Power Pack

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“There’s nothing like seeing a Fecon in the wild, doing the work it is made to do!”

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Mulching Tractor


Mulching Tractor

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