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Cutting-edge, intelligent control technology


Faster Recovery



Less Likely to Stall


More Productive

Value of Fusion

Increased Performance and Productivity

  • Mulcher is always optimized to your carrier output
  • Truly Plug n Play - Ready to mulch from the factory
  • You can tailor your mulcher to your specific application
  • Scalable technology for continued product evolution

What is Fusion?

Fusion is a cutting-edge, intelligent control technology

  • Automatically tunes your attachment to the carrier in real time
  • Giving you the best performance no matter the conditions

Fusion provides advanced connectivity and performance tracking through the new Fusion App

  • Display real-time performance dashboards
  • Select different operating modes
  • Receive program updates ensuring the mulcher stays up to date with the latest advancements

What Does Fusion Do?

Continuously self-tunes based on dynamic conditions

  • Temperature, altitude, carrier efficiency, and carrier settings

Maximizes staying power and minimizes recovery time for peak performance

Eliminates manual setup and tuning

HOw Does Fusion Work?

Upon start up Fusion scans for power and flow before initiating a learn sequence

Measures machine parameters to develop power curves

Sends set points to infinitely variable motor to prioritize speed and pressure

Transmits real-time data to the Fusion App