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PTO Bull Hog Mulching Attachment

Fecon PTO Bull Hogs use innovative cutting technology to deliver superior mulching for land clearing and maintenance for crop perimeters, fence rows, grazing overgrowth, pasture reclamation and other agriculture and farm operation needs. These versatile attachments come in three sizes to fit a range of 45-110 horsepower tractors.

Powerful, Controlled Cutting

Low Weight Rotor

Consistent Chip Size

Easy to Attach

Durable Design

Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs

PTO Bull Hog Features

Enhance Your Existing Equipment

The PTO Bull Hog Expands The Versatility of Your Tractor

  • Clear crop perimeter to allow sunlight exposure resulting in more productive crop growth
  • Clear fence rows to keep combines and machinery from being damaged during planting, maintenance or harvest
  • Maintain access paths for easier navigation

The PTO Bull Hog Upgrades Residential, Utility and Energy Industry Projects

  • Maintain property lines, trails and hunting paths
  • Right-of-way clearing for utility powerlines
  • Clear land for wind turbine and solar panel installation

Other Features Include

  • Hydraulic trap door
  • Reinforced PTO shaft
  • Replaceable, adjustable, reversible shear bar
  • Multi-position push bar with serrated ears
  • Adjustable bolt-on skid shoes

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