FTX200 Mulching Tractor


Pin-On Head

Fecon introduces the Tier 4 Stage V compliant FTX200 Mulching Tractor which includes the Fecon Power Management System for unrivaled power and performance in the 200HP class.

Tier 4 Final, Stage V Engine


Fecon Power Management system

Factory Service Remote Connectivity Standard

Large 7” Touchscreen Display

Oscillating Undercarriage & 24” Track Shoes

Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs

FTX200 Tractor Features

 Fecon stands above the rest

Fecon Power Management®


  • The FTX200 is equipped with Fecon Power Management System to optimize machine performance
  • The system allows for the FTX200 to mulch uphill while maintaining control over both the lift arms and track system
  • Fecon Power Management on the FTX200 optimizes both the recovery and staying power of the mulching head

FTX200 Serviceability


  • Large engine bay doors provide easy access to all points of the FTX200, giving access to all components without interference
  • The FTX200 has pump at the rear of the machine (differing from the competitors), so no need to lift the cab to be able to access the pumps for service
  • All filters and service points on the FTX200 can be reached from the ground, making servicing the machine simple and easy to do in the field

Cooling Capacity


  • Oversized cooling capabilities allow the FTX200 to work at full power in the harshest applications
  • The FTX200 cooling system keeps entire machine in optimal temperature range, prolonging life of both engine and hydraulic components
  • Automatic Hydraulic Reversing Fans for both coolers keep the radiators clean and running at peak efficiency, even in dusty and debris-filled applications
  • Reversing fan timers are adjustable to allow operators to optimize the FTX200 to the exact application they are running in

FTX200 Undercarriage


  • The D3 undercarriage in the FTX200 is designed for the toughest mulching applications, resulting in longer track life and less down time.
  • Ground clearance on the FTX200 is 21”
  • Optional Severe Duty Forestry Skids on the FTX200 provide added longevity to the tracks in severe applications

Advanced Technology


  • The FTX200 has a 7” Touchscreen IQAN controller controlling everything from the HVAC to the Fecon Power Management System
  • IQAN allows remote connectivity, through a smartphone app, that allows the machine to be accessed and troubleshot anywhere
  • The on-board troubleshooting, via the Smart Fuse Box and CAN Bus system, allow for quick and easy diagnostics of the machine, helping get the operators back to work quickly
  • Preset operator levels allow for adjustment into the lift arm and tilt speeds on the FTX200, helping to shorten the learning curve on the machine

Product Specs

Standard & Optional Equipment



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“The Fecon easily mulched 5 acres of thick buckthorn to clear our land.”

Matthees Tree


The Most Durable

Mulching attachment on the market


Mulching Tractor


Mulching Tractor


Mulching Tractor

Brandon Flexsenhar

Chief Operating Officer

Brandon holds a BS in Organizational Leadership and Supervision, Industrial Technology from Purdue University, and an MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. As COO, he is responsible for the operational effectiveness of the company, and will focus on improving supply chain reliability, lean manufacturing, continuous quality improvement, and production footprint optimization. His goal is “to produce best in class products with competitive lead times, and create value through people, process, and technology.”


Mark Middendorf

Senior VP of Sales

Mark is Fecon’s Senior VP of Sales and oversees the global sales efforts of all Fecon products. He has been with the company since 2012 serving first as President of SWX Group, a Fecon subsidiary, VP of Sales, and currently Senior VP. He gained extensive equipment sales and dealer management experience while working for Toro as National Sales Manager and Finn Corporation, ultimately becoming a Senior VP. He holds a BS in Communication from the University of Cincinnati.