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  • Fecon
  • 5
  • Excavator/Boom Mulching Head 3.5-10 Ton
  • Excavator Class
  • Flow Range

    12-40 GPM

  • Sizes

    28" 36" 50"

Excavator 3.5-10 Ton Excavator Mulching Head

Add versatility to your business with Bull Hog mulching attachments for excavators.

The FMX Series offers 28″, 36″, and 50″ models with a split ring rotor design and knife tools for maximum performance. Designed for 3.5 – 10 ton excavators from 12 – 40 gpm. This lighter design also allows you to mount on backhoes and side arm booms while still offering Fecon’s durable, heavy-duty design.

The Most Durable Mulcher on the Market

Exceptional Tool Life

Mulch Up To 5” With Ease

Stout Rotor and Body

Perfect for difficult-to-reach places

Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs



Instant Versatility for your Excavator

Perfectly optimized for 3.5-5 ton excavators, this mulching head packs our industry-leading durability and performance into a compact but effective package.

Perfect for owner-operators, rentals, right-of-way maintenance, and more!

Bull Hog for Excavator Features

If you’ve got the reach, we’ve got the attachment

Built to Make It Happen

  • Attached to an excavator, the Bull Hog forestry mulchers are perfect for clearing trees and brush along roadsides, ravines, creeks, riverbanks, and places that could otherwise be difficult to reach.
  • Contact us for a consultation today so that we can maximize the performance of your attachment to run off of the power and flow of your excavator mulching head.

Benefits that make a Bull Hog the ideal choice for your excavator

  • Split ring rotor system with two tool options — Cubit Knife and Cubit Carbide.
  • The Bull Hog is a low-maintenance design, and we provide optional mounts that mate to your machine.
  • Variable displacement hydraulic motors optimize rotor speed and torque for maximum production in small or larger material.

Fecon Bull Hog Mulching Heads for 3.5-10 ton excavators

  • Variable displacement 45cc hydraulic motor
  • Adjustable hydraulics to match carrier flow and pressure
  • My Inner Strenx® certified

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Bull Hog - Excavator 5-10 Ton


Excavator Attachments - Product Literature

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Bull Hog

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