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  • Fecon
  • 5
  • Bull Hog Standard Flow Head SSL & CTL
  • Horsepower
  • Flow Range

    17-30 GPM

  • Sizes

    50" 60"

Standard Flow Skid Steer Mulching Attachment

Fecon offers a hydraulic Bull Hog mulcher for your standard flow skid steer, ideal for clearing brush, trees, and stumps down to ground level. Quickly mulch trees up to 5″ in diameter.

Faster Operation

Less Downtime

Mulch Up To 5” With Ease

Easy to attach

Close center of gravity

Fecon Standard Warranty 12 Months / 1,000 hrs

Standard Flow Features

Standard Flow by Fecon is the perfect partner

The Standard Flow is the Perfect Partner on the farm

  • Clear crop perimeter to allow sunlight exposure resulting in more productive crop growth
  • Clear fence rows to keep combines and machinery from being damaged during planting, maintenance or harvest
  • Finished material smaller and finer than other machines, avoiding potential for injury to livestock

The Standard Flow is the Perfect Partner for Landscaping Jobs and Rentals

  • General vegetation management
  • Fire prevention – create “defensible space”
  • Easy to attach to any low flow skid steer
  • Customer can easily transport smaller head

Other Features include

  • Variable displacement 45cc hydraulic motor
  • Adjustable bolt-on push bar with serrated ears for directing material
  • Carrier specific hydraulic hoses and couplers

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Bull Hog - Standard Flow SSL & CTL


Standard Flow - Product Literature

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Bull Hog

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