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Dec 30, 2019 | Fecon News

Fecon Equips You to Meet the Toughest Land Clearing Challenges

Land clearing jobs range in scope from residential yards to acreage for commercial development. Land clearing projects may require mulchers, track or wheeled carriers, stump grinders, tree shears, grapples, deck mowers, log jaws, as well as chippers to reduce and remove trees, brush, stumps, and roots. Whatever the size and extent of your job, Fecon has a full line of land clearing equipment to meet your needs.

The type of equipment required for land clearing is conditional to many outlying factors, such as terrain, vegetation density, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, environmental concerns, as well as potential obstacles such as traffic maintenance and utility lines. The required finish and needed production rates will also be a consideration when determining the necessary equipment for a land clearing project.

Fecon equips successful land-clearing contractors with the machines they rely on most, including tracked or wheeled mulching machines, excavator mulchers, and skid steer tractors outfitted with mulching attachments.

Commercial or large acreage jobs often demand the high production capabilities of the higher horsepower tracked or wheeled mulching tractors. For wet or swampy conditions, we provide low ground pressure mulching tractors, used by successful high production land clearing contractors in a variety of climates and in extreme ground conditions.

Residential or urban interface projects typically require smaller and lighter tracked mulching tractors that work effectively on softer ground conditions or where more work in confined space is needed. A variety of undercarriage specifications are available to reduce ground disturbance or enable crossing of paved surfaces while offering the necessary production rates.

Fecon offers an array of land clearing tractors and attachments that are sure to meet the needs of every application:

Contact us to learn more about how Fecon can serve your land clearing project needs.

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