Jul 23, 2019 | Product Updates

Stumpex – the Durable and Cost-effective Option for Stump Removal

Fecon’s Stumpex stump grinders are perfect for quick and thorough removal of any species of tree trunk. Stumpex is designed for high production with high torque of 20,000 – 30,000 ft lbs. Stumpex mounts to excavators and skid steers with as minimal hydraulic output of 20 gpm. Low RPM and 33,600 ft. per lb. of torque enables it to draw itself down into any species of stump. The Stumpex can grind stumps of 8” – 28” in diameter and up to 20” deep in a single pass. Larger diameter stumps can also be efficiently processed using multiple passes. A threaded replaceable cone and staggered AR500 cutting blades grind out stump and root material with minimal discharge.

Advantages of a Stumpex Stump Grinder

  • No carbide tools to replace
  • Low maintenance (greasing and sharpening every 1,000 stumps)
  • Fraction of work time compared to conventional stumpers
  • Mount on skid steers with 20 – 42 GPM / 2,500 to 4,000 psi
  • Bores 20″ into the ground while cutting feeder roots
  • Durable AR500 steel blades for tough performance, even in rocky conditions

Stumpex Design offers a Safer Alternative

The low RPM auger bit (7-16 RPM) on the Stumpex stump grinder means no high speed flying debris for safer work zone as well as easy clean-up. This slow auger rotation auger bit makes Stumpex safer that conventional stump grinders.

Benefits like low maintenance costs, high production, and less clean-up make the Stumpex an excellent choice for stump grinding contractors who work in land clearing, tree care and municipal applications.

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