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For over 20 years, Fecon has been a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge equipment for the vegetation management industry.  We continuously work to improve our product offering, and our customers keep finding impressive ways to put our products to use.  Here are some of the latest stories about Fecon products, innovation, and application in the news. 

Press Releases

Fecon® Introduces the Newly Designed Bull Hog

Fecon® introduces the newly designed Bull Hog® mulching attachment for CTL’s and skid steers.  This new design has brought many great features our customers were asking for in a mulcher. With a severe duty body, bolt on skid shoes, stronger push bar, and improved mulching chamber our customers are sure to be pleased. We also made the top of the body smooth to avoid the debris and water build up that occurred in the “trough”.

This newly designed CTL Bull Hog is still offered with Fecon’s smooth drum FGT rotor, paddle style HDT rotor and our DCR, depth control rotor. So customers can still configure their Bull Hog for the job at hand. We’ve made our hose sling standard, created improved sealing of the body and made trap door and pressure gauge options easier to add on.

Fecon® Introduces the BH230HXD

Fecon® introduces the BH230HXD-3 Bull Hog® mulching attachment for tractors with up to 350HP and 50-100gpm hydraulic flow.  Our new BH230HXD-3 boasts an impressive 100” cut and an overall width of 117”.  The BH230HXD mulcher provides greater production capacity with its expanded cut while providing more complete coverage of forestry prime movers and especially rubber tired models that are often 9’-9.5’ wide. 

For now, the head is offered with Fecon’s smooth drum FGT rotor and all 4 FGT tool options including the Double Carbide, Samurai Knife, Severe Duty and Stone Tool. This enables contractors to quickly configure their mulcher to the various conditions of the job at hand.  Fecon’s DCR and HDT rotor options may be added in the future.

The BH230HXD-3 is available with a hydraulic tilting push bar and incorporates the same severe-duty elements of Fecon’s narrower BH200HXD-3.  These include a large 21.8” diameter rotor, 90mm rotor bearings, and Fecon’s severe-duty body construction.  The BH230HXD-3 has an operating weight of 6,750-lbs.

Fecon Announces Five Star Equipment as Dealer

Fecon is proud to introduce Five Star Equipment as the newest dealer for Fecon equipment. Five Star will sell the complete line of Fecon FTX Tracked Carriers, Rubber Tire Tractors, Bull Hog Forestry Mulchers and Forestry Attachments.

Five Star Equipment, Inc. was founded in 1980 with a commitment to exemplary service and quality. Five Star employs more than 150 people in its eight locations, and sells various brands into the local construction and forestry industries.

"We are excited about Five Start Equipment, Inc. coming on board with FECON as a Full Service Stocking Dealer.  This partnership makes equipment inventory readily available to FECON customers in Pennsylvania, and western New York.  Working together, FECON and Five Star Equipment will be able to provide better service support to our customers in this area as well.” Joe Cox, Regional Manager.

“The team at Five Star Equipment is excited to partner with Fecon, so we can provide our customers with additional high-quality equipment to help them be more productive in their jobs,” said Tim Higley, Director of Corporate Sales and Marketing at Five Star Equipment. “Fecon works seamless with the John Deere Construction and Forestry line we offer. It is a great addition to our current line up.”

New SH280 Stump Hog for FECON’S FTX128L Track Carrier

Fecon, Inc. introduces the new SH280 Stump Hog stump grinder for the company’s versatile FTX128 track carrier.  The SH280 Stump Hog brings big performance and robust construction to the job when powered by the 60-GPM/4,600-PSI high flow of the FTX128.  The SH280 delivers impressive torque and wheel speed of 1,000 rpm through a large displacement direct drive 227cc hydraulic motor.  The large 28.75” diameter wheel is swept from side to side with the ergonomic control of the FTX128 joystick.  The dedicated auxiliary low flow of the tractor powers the sweep function so no performance is taken from the high flow power to the wheel. 

This powerful combination enables operators to be more productive, moving quickly from stump to stump in the quiet and comfortable enclosed FTX128 cab.  Working from the enclosed cab also means working comfortably in the ambient heat or cold, or when rain might otherwise stop work entirely. 

The SH280 Stump Hog is a complimentary extension to the growing number of approved attachments that make FTX128 owners more versatile.  The SH280 is their high performance solution for stumps after mulching with Fecon’s BH85SD-4 mulching attachment or felling trees with the company’s FBSD1500 bunching shear.

Fecon’s FTX128L Track Carrier Now Approved for Asphalt Improvement Projects

Achieve faster, better, more efficient asphalt solutions on roads, parking lots, or utility projects with the power and versatility of Fecon’s FTX128 track carrier.  Mill asphalt up to 40” wide and 6” deep with compatible cold planers like the Coneqtec-Universal AP1000.  After adjusting the high flow circuit of the FTX128 from 60gpm to 45gpm the tractor delivers over 100 hydraulic HP (calculated after 10% efficiency loss) to the planer mill.  When milling is completed the FTX128 hydraulic circuits and quick attach coupler plate enable users to run complimentary attachments including brooms or buckets to make great use of the FTX128 tractor.

With the effective high flow power of the FTX128 users can save time and money in asphalt applications by avoiding saw cutting before performing patch work.  Even greater savings can be achieved in Full Depth Reclamation (FDR) applications where paved surfaces are less than 6” thick.  By using the FTX128 in FDR applications users recycle the old asphalt instead of having the expense of digging and hauling material away. 

The versatility and power of the FTX128 is especially important to cities looking for greater utilization of their capital equipment.  When not performing asphalt repairs the FTX128 can be used to improve highway safety by removing roadside vegetation that obstructs visibility or is at risk of falling into traffic.  This is done with Fecon’s BH85SD mulcher attachment that is powered by the full 60-gpm and 4,600-psi high flow of the tractor.  

Fecon Inc. Announces Fecon UK Ltd as new Dealer

Fecon Inc is proud to announce Fecon UK Ltd. as an authorized dealer. Fecon UK will cover the United Kingdom and Ireland and sell the complete line of Fecon FTX Tracked Carriers, Rubber Tire Tractors, Bull Hog Forestry Mulchers and Forestry Attachments.  With plans for a network of service agents across the UK and a hire/demonstrator fleet available for customers and sub-dealers, Fecon is confident in Fecon UK Ltd’s success. 

“We at Fecon are excited to partner with Justin Kingwell and his staff, in the UK market.  With over 25 years of mulching experience; their knowledge of the marketplace, and the industry, will be instrumental in developing the Fecon brand.”  Matt Warfel, Fecon Regional Manager

Fecon’s Samurai Knife Tool Gets Wider Edge

 Fecon’s fast cutting Samurai Knife mulching tool now has a wider edge for even greater performance.  The new Samurai tool provides over 14% more cutting width on its uniquely tapered edges that quickly slice as they cut through wood and brush.  A vertical splitting element is also maintained in the durable forged body to help material efficiently flow as it is being cut.  While the Samurai edge can be sharpened it has a self-shaping characteristic to maximize cutting efficiency with less maintenance.  The newly improved dual edge Samurai tool is available in Fecon mulchers equipped with either smooth drum FGT or depth controlled DCR rotors.

Fecon Inc Announce Tri-State Bobcat as Dealer

Fecon is proud to announce Tri-State Bobcat as an authorized Fecon Dealer covering Minnesota and portions of Wisconsin and Iowa. Tri-State Bobcat will offer Fecon’s proven line of Bull Hog® Mulchers, FTX Track Carriers (ranging from 97 - 600 hp) and various other forestry attachments.

“Tri-State Bobcat has done a great job of selling, renting, and servicing Fecon attachments to customers in the MN and northern WI markets; and now we look forward to them adding the Fecon FTX tractor line to that offering.  Tri-State sells several equipment lines that already address the needs of the tree care and land clearing industry; and the addition of the Fecon FTX tractors will complement the product offering for their customers very nicely.” Regional Manager, Matt Warfel.

Fecon and Tri-State Bobcat will be a great team, together fulfilling the land clearing, vegetation management, right-of-way clearing and site prep needs of their customers. Tri-State will also serve as the local service facility for Fecon products and customers. 

Fecon, Inc. Strives to help Students with College and Career Readiness

Fecon, Incorporated, based in Lebanon, Ohio, has developed a unique and successful approach to achieving a career-ready work force.  Fecon is a small company that designs, engineers, and produces a wide range of industry-leading forestry and drilling equipment.  Their products are used for clearing vegetation for utility and road rights-of-way, invasive species removal, fire-risk abatement, maintaining and improving forests, wetlands, and other habitats, as well as in the energy industry to clear vegetation for exploration and infrastructure and in the pursuit of renewable sources of energy.  Fecon equipment is used in residential and small commercial geothermal drilling, soil and ground water remediation, bio-harvesting for clean energy, material recycling, and road construction and maintenance. Their products are used extensively in the United States, and throughout the world in countries such as Canada, Paraguay, Chile, France, Russia, Ghana, and Australia. 

Given the wide range of products they manufacture, Fecon requires a diverse, dedicated, and skilled workforce.  To that end, they have cultivated robust relationships with local universities, high schools and technology training schools.  The success of this approach is not in a single aspect of it, but rather in the broad range of programs in which Fecon takes part. 

At the university level, Fecon hosts engineering internships for 12 students from the University of Cincinnati (UC), University of Dayton (UD) and Ohio State University (OSU) each year.  They also participate in a cooperative education program with the Honors-PLUS program in UC’s College of Business.  Fecon’s Vice President of Operations and Engineering regularly attends student networking events at UC and UD.  They grant internships to OSU students majoring in international business via the Ohio Export Internship Program.  These interns work on projects such as strategic planning for expanding export activities, identifying new export markets and other areas of international trade.  Fecon offers real-world design issues to engineering students at UD’s Innovation Center, who are tasked with producing design, design and build, redesign, or innovation of a product.  Students are mentored by a senior Fecon engineer during the semester-long assignments.  Fecon also participated as a case study in a semester-long strategic analysis conducted by students of UD’s MBA program.

At the high school and technology training school levels, Fecon has a longstanding partnership with the Warren County Career Center (WCCC), accepting up to five welding and machinist interns from their program each year.  Their Operations Manager conducts presentations during WCCC welding and machining classes.  To ensure students are able to gain as much hands-on practice as possible, Fecon donated 5 tons of scrap steel to the WCCC program.  The company also provides real-world engineering drawings to WCCC for welding students’ practice.  Recently, Fecon started a similar program with Butler (County) Technology and Career Development Schools, speaking at classes and providing tours and information to their students.

Fecon believes that, in order to have a workforce with the skills necessary to make their business succeed, they must assist in building that workforce.  Their wide-ranging and diversified approach to these internships and partnerships are in large part what makes Fecon the success it is today.

Fecon Announces New Mobile Balancing Systems

Fecon is proud to announce their new mobile balancing systems, the FMB-100 and FMB-200, for your forestry mulcher. The mobile balancing systems can work on any make or model of forestry mulcher.

The Fecon FMB100 is an extremely cost-effective solution to the damaging vibration caused by rotor imbalance. The FMB-100 mobile balancer tells you how out-of-balance the rotor is (magnitude), and where adjustments are needed (phase/angle). Once balanced, the difference is amazing.


The Fecon FMB-200 is a state-of-the-art dynamic balancer with full spectral analysis. Not only can it walk you through the balancing process, indicating where to add weight and how much, it also analyzes all frequencies to help troubleshoot vibrations that are not from rotor imbalance. It can tell the difference between a rotor imbalance, a failing bearing and other issues that cause damaging vibration.

Fecon Hires Mid-South Regional Manager

Fecon, Inc is pleased to announce Kevin Chambers as Regional Manager, Mid-South Region, covering Texas, Louisiana and Oklahoma. Through his 10+ years of territory management within the industry, Kevin brings to Fecon extensive hands-on experience in development and implementation of sales and marketing strategies, dealer recruitment and development, sales and service training, and direct sales. “His skills and qualifications are a strong fit for success in the Mid-South Region.” Vice President of Sales, Dennis Goldbach says.

Fecon®, Inc. New Depth Control Rotor Now Available for Excavators

Fecon®, Inc. Depth Control Rotor system (DCR) is now available on all six excavator Bull Hog models. This brings a new level of performance and value to mulching, controlling the depth of bite and efficiently directing material flow so that energy is reserved for production.  DCR cuts faster, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size.  The DCR system is an evolution that builds on Fecon’s reversible Samurai Knife Tool. 

Depth control rings of the DCR system work in harmony with the Samurai Knife to enable more cutting with less HP.  The shape of the Samurai knife edge efficiently slices as it chips, providing greater forgiveness on rock than straight-edged tools or saw teeth. Depth control rings lend further impact protection to the tool body, and reduce shock loading to the mechanical or hydraulic drive line.   

Fecon, Inc. Introduces the Stumpex Stumper

March 2015 - Fecon introduces the Stumpex stump grinder for skid steers with as little as 20 GPM hydraulic output.  Low RPM and as much as 33,600 ft-lbs of torque @ 4,000 PSI enables the 1500-lb Stumpex to draw itself down into  any species of stump 10” – 28” in diameter and up to 20” deep in a single pass.  Larger diameter stumps are processed by making additional passes.  A threaded cone and staggered AR500 cutting blades grind out stump and root material with minimal discharge without requiring any fast-wearing carbide cutting tools.  Stump chips stay mostly in the hole traditional stump grinders create, making clean-up after grinding with a Stumpex faster and easier.  Low maintenance costs, high production, less clean-up, and increased safety make the Stumpex a great opportunity for stump grinding contractors in land clearing, tree care, and municipal applications.  

Fecon Expands with Purchase of New Building

Fecon, Inc. Lebanon manufacturer and International supplier of the Bull Hog® Forestry Mulchers, FTX Track Carriers and Grapples, Tree Shears and Stump Grinding Attachments for Vegetation Management has expanded once again with the purchase of 9.25 acres of land and a 40,000 sq. ft. building across the street. This addition will complement Fecon’s 111,000 sq ft facility. In addition to providing more room for engineering and tractor production, the new building will also offer an expansive research & development department. 

Fecon Hires Northeast Regional Manager

January 2015 - Fecon, Inc. is proud to announce Joe Cox as their new Northeast Regional Manager. Joe brings a wealth of knowledge, experience in business development and equipment sales within the mulching industry. He most recently managed facilities in the Southwest U.S. that provide R.O.W., land clearing, and related oilfield services. Joe’s territory includes Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine. Joe is a great asset to the Fecon team. The previous Northeast Regional Manager, Brian Kile, has accepted the position as the Western Regional Manager. 

Fecon, Inc Signs SMS Equipment as Dealer

January 2015 - SMS Equipment Inc. augmented its equipment offerings with the addition of heavy-duty, high-production products from mulching-industry leader Fecon. Established in 1992, Fecon manufactures a broad line of durable, purpose-built machines that fit a wide range of applications across four primary markets: vegetation management, environmental, oil and gas and construction.

Fecon is well-known for innovative and proven attachment technology, including its signature Bull Hog line that features several configurations for skid steers, PTO tractors and excavators. Traditional drum and innovative depth-control rotor systems are available to match individual users’ clearing, right-of-way, pasture and wildlife restoration and other applications.  

  “High performance Mulchers are used to clear as much acreage as possible in the shortest amount of time,” said SMS West’s Gary Brown, General Manager, Construction Equipment Sales. “With Fecon units, customers can increase their production compared to traditional mulching heads. Bull Hog excavator attachments work well with Komatsu excavators for clearing trees, as do other Fecon attachments, such as its log-jaw wood splitter and tree shears.”

Additional Fecon attachments include deck mowers, stump grinders and a line of Soil Hog mills. Soil Hog mills are available in either PTO or hydraulic models and can be used for soil conditioning, felling trees, loosening topsoil and additional tasks in forestry, agriculture and other applications.

Attachments can be mounted on practically any brand of equipment, including Fecon’s own tracked and rubber-tired mulching tractors. Fecon also makes tracked utility vehicles that cross all terrains with low ground pressure for forestry, drilling and spraying work and have bed plates to mount work equipment; biomass harvesters for chipping that can be customized for on or off-road vehicles; and portable orbit screens that separate materials. 

  “We are very proud to incorporate Fecon’s line of equipment into our dealer solutions and we have already begun our partnership with all the staff at Fecon. Their products are an ideal complement to our current product offerings and we are eager to introduce this line of equipment into the Canadian marketplace” said Bruce Knight, President and CEO, SMS Equipment.

New Look, Same Great Service – Fecon Launches New Website

December 2014 - Fecon Inc. just launched a brand new website for 2015. New features include a customizable Bull Hog Rotor Module that allows the user to build and display three different rotor options and nine different tooling options, then choose the combination that fits their application best. The new ‘Compare’ section shows specifications of the different tracked carriers and attachment products, side by side, helping the user find the exact model they are looking for. The responsiveness of the site lends itself to the on the go user who may be in the field and using a phone or tablet. Find what you’re looking for quickly with’s “Easy to Navigate” Interface. Product lines have been broken down into more user friendly categories to help the customer find the product information they need fast! The new makes it easy to stay connected via live links to Product Support, Sales and Financing on every product page.

Fecon Introduces Mid-Sized Mulching Tractor with New Rotor Technology

August 2014 - Fecon advances the forestry mulching industry with the addition of the FTX290 mulching tractor. The FTX290 is a low ground pressure (3.4 psi) tractor with an oscillating steel track undercarriage, providing balanced traction for rough or soft conditions. Like other Fecon tractors, the FTX290 features a spacious cab, operator comfort and ergonomic control layout as well as maintenance friendly service access. Powered by a Cummins QSC8.3 290 hp diesel, the hydraulic flow to the mulching head peaks at 100 gpm. The FTX290 features the Fecon BH120 Forestry Mulcher with variable speed motors and three optional rotor systems including Fecon’s new Depth Controls Rotor (DCR) technology. Fecon DCR rotors feature the reversible Samurai Knife. The Samurai is incorporated into a depth control design that provides fast cutting in all materials and the most efficient use of horsepower. The cutting, slicing and splitting action of the Samurai Knife as it chips is far more productive than straight edge tools or saw teeth. This productivity is further enhanced by the Fecon DCR, depth control rings providing fast cutting durability unlike other knife based rotors. The new FTX290 mid-sized crawler with the BH120 DCR forestry mulcher is the right combination of power, durability size and production capability for the larger jobs in R.O.W., urban interface and land improvement or development. 

Fecon®, Inc. Introduces FTX128L Mulching Tractor

February 2014 - Fecon is proud to introduce the FTX128L Mulching tractor as the newest member of the Fecon FTX Tracked carrier line. Built in their Lebanon, OH facility this new tractor is strong on cutting power with 60 GPM to the Bull Hog Forestry Mulcher. The compact FTX128L features 20 inch tracks that work effortlessly while cutting up hill.  The low ground pressure at 3.8 psi is ideal for soft conditions resulting in minimal ground disturbance. Serviceability is made easy with full access side doors and engine compartment roof. The Cummins QSB4.5 diesel engine running at 128 hp coupled with Fecon’s latest hydraulic technology allows the FTX128L to outperform machines with higher horsepower. Fuel consumption remains under 4.5 gallon per hour.  High Performance on the jobsite, at maintenance time and on the bottom line makes the FTX128L the machine of choice for ROW Mulching, Clearing and related Forestry and Urban Interface work. 

Fecon®, Inc. Introduces New Depth Control Rotor

Fecon®, Inc. introduces the Depth Control Rotor system (DCR) brings a new level of performance and value to mulching, controlling the depth of bite and efficiently directing material flow so that energy is reserved for production.  DCR cuts faster, delivering better fuel economy and more uniform particle size.  The DCR system is an evolution that builds on Fecon’s reversible Samurai Knife Tool. 

Depth control rings of the DCR system work in harmony with the Samurai Knife to enable more cutting with less HP.  The shape of the Samurai knife edge efficiently slices as it chips, providing greater forgiveness on rock than straight-edged tools or saw teeth. Depth control rings lend further impact protection to the tool body, and reduces shock loading to the mechanical or hydraulic drive line.   DCR will be available in skid steer model mulching attachments and most PTO and hydraulic prime mover models in 2014.

Fecon®, Inc. Hosts Governor John Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor

Governor John Kasich and Lt. Governor Mary Taylor stopped by Fecon, Inc., a Lebanon, Ohio based manufacture of equipment as part of Agriculture Day to discuss agriculture in Ohio as well as manufacturing jobs in Southwest Ohio. The Governor and Lt. Governor toured the factory during their visit. Gov. Kasich spoke of his work with Jobs Ohio, a non-profit, business focused group that is working to open international markets. One of their goals is to not only have free trade but fair trade. He also spoke about how products made in the U. S., as Fecon products are, have a bright future in international markets. To the farming community in attendance, he spoke about their concern about water quality in Ohio and how he is working with farmers to insure a clean environment. 

Fecon’s LOG JAW™ Wood Splitter Gets New Excavator Capabilities

Fecon, Inc. introduces the excavator mounted Log Jaw™ Wood Splitter to their forestry attachment product line. The Log Jaw is a hydraulic-powered wood splitting attachment that is also made for skid steers and loaders.

The Log Jaw will rip apart long, large diameter logs and stumps into manageable pieces for chippers, wood grinders, or for firewood processing. The Log Jaw is Fecon’s low cost, high return solution for handling oversized and difficult to process logs and stumps that would otherwise require expensive disposal fees.

Splitting logs into optimally-sized pieces improves the efficiency and production of chippers and grinders, while putting less stress on and requiring less horsepower from the processing equipment. Introducing the Log Jaw is another innovative way Fecon is catering to their customers in the composting, recycling, wood/firewood processing, and land clearing markets.

The Log Jaw attachment-- weighing approximately 995lbs mounted on an excavator has a 40” jaw opening (tip to tip) and 360° of rotation, allowing the operator to attack oversized wood from any angle. Made for 8 to 16 ton excavators, a mount will be built to your excavator’s specifications for easy installation.

Fecon is an industry leader in the manufacturing of land clearing and forestry equipment, aiming to deliver durable, creative and productive products to industry professionals.

About Fecon:

Fecon, Inc. was established in 1992 near Cincinnati, Ohio. Fecon’s Bull Hog is currently the #1 selling forestry mulcher. Fecon also provides track carriers and other equipment for vegetation management, geothermal, seismic, and wood to energy biomass industries.

Fecon Announces the RTF230 Rubber Tire Mulching Tractor

November 2014 - Fecon, Inc announced the release of the RTF230 Rubber Tire Mulching Tractor, a 4-wheel drive, 4-wheel steer machine that lends itself to incredible tractive and handling capabilities. A center mounted engine and hydraulic drive train give the RT230 a very low center of gravity and even balance. Climbing slopes is no chore for the 230 hp engine and 75 gpm/6000 psi hi flow to the Bull Hog mulcher head or other hydraulic or PTO attachments. Unlike other wheeled tractors in the same horsepower class, the RTF230 is also capable of 24 mph road speeds. A large cab with excellent visibility in all directions provides the operator that extra measure of accuracy and safety on the job or on the road. RTF230 tractors can be configured for many types of work land clearing, municipal maintenance, snow removal and roadside clearing as well as construction, industrial and agricultural applications. The RTF230 is capable of boom and/or crane mounting, mechanical or hydraulic PTO’s (and 3 point hitches) both front and back. With the BH120 variable speed Bull Hog Forestry Mulcher the RTF230 is very agile, productive and easy to drive or haul to the jobsite.

Fecon Introduces Multi-Purpose EX60 Utility Track Vehicle

March 2014

Fecon®, Inc. introduced the versatile EX60 Utility Track Vehicle at ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas.  A 6,000-lb payload capacity and all-terrain rubber tracks makes the EX60 a versatile, heavy duty, compact UTV.  Mobilize solutions such as fleet service, fire-fighting, material handling, or spraying vegetation and insects where trucks or larger vehicles can’t go.  Two standard auxiliary hydraulic circuits can power optional equipment.  A load sense pump is offered as an option for more demanding applications.  The EX60 features a universal mounting plate in the payload area to easily switch between solutions, whether skid mounted equipment or material handling apparatus.  A reversible operator station and operator controls add to the flexibility of the EX60.  The 46HP diesel engine enables transport of the impressive payload and 7-MPH travel speed.

Fecon®, Inc. Introduces New Innovative Mulching Tool

February 2013 - Fecon®, Inc. introduces the Samurai Knife mulching tool, a reversible double edged tool with an innovative shape resulting in faster smoother cutting, finer chip size, and greater production.   Unlike many planer-type tools that just chip with a straight edge, the Fecon Samurai has a tapered edge that slices as it chips.  It also has a unique splitting element on the body that helps material flow past as it is cut. Together with other geometric advantages the Samurai delivers as much as 50% faster production compared to carbide tools, and offers approximately 80-100 hours life per edge.  Actual results can vary based on specific operating conditions.  The metallurgical make-up of the Samurai provides durability while allowing the edges to be sharpened to maintain peak performance and life.  The Samurai knife tool is also interchangeable with carbide tools for Fecon FGT rotors, giving great flexibility for varying jobsite conditions.

Fecon, Inc. Supports Community Vegetation Management Seminar

March 2013 - A Honeysuckle Removal Demonstration Project was offered on March 23, 2013, at the Countryside YMCA in featuring the Bull Hog mulcher, manufactured by Fecon, Inc. 

 “Fecon is proud to support the community and environment by participating in projects like this”, said Dennis Goldbach of Fecon.  “It was a great opportunity to partner with the local YMCA, and the Warren County Soil & Water Conservation District, who’s Bull Hog was used to for the demonstration.” 

The free seminar was hosted in Lebanon, OH, by Reuben Smith of Countryside YMCA.  Over 30 attendees were shown effective methods for removing non-native and invasive Honeysuckle that thrives in OH.  Attendees were also educated on how Honeysuckle can choke out native vegetation, and have a potentially huge impact on migrating bird populations due to the reduction in availability of native food sources, according to the Ohio DNR.  Honeysuckle can grow up to 20’ tall with multiple 3-5” diameter stems.  Goldbach explained how the Bull Hog mulcher effectively removes the Honeysuckle by safely cutting it into a carpet of mulch.  Residents were also informed that Warren County SWCD rents their Bull Hog out at a rate of $40/HR, to enable land owners to cost-effectively improve the environmental health of their properties.

Fecon, Inc. Bull Hog Forestry Mulchers to Include a QR Code

April 2013 - Starting in April, Fecon is rolling out a new look to its serial number plates.  Customers can scan the QR Code on the plate and immediately be linked to a list of commonly used parts specific to their machine, as well as contact information for Fecon.  The new plates are mounted on the outside of the mulcher body for easier access and will now feature a QR Code unique to each mulcher. “A QR Code is a machine-readable code consisting of an array of black and white squares, typically used for storing URLs or other information for reading by the camera on a smartphone.” These plates will come standard on most Bull Hog models.  Customers will benefit in having this information available so easily, including reduced downtime and increased productivity.  This will also enable second and third owners of our machines to access the same information as the original owner, when often time’s manuals are not passed along.  Fecon is committed to improving our customer’s experience. We believe customers will find this a useful tool as we strive to keep our customers informed and educated on their Bull Hogs and give them the information they need right at their fingertips. 

Berry Intermediate Students Enjoy Day at Fecon

May 2013 - Fecon recently hosted a group of 440 students from Berry Intermediate School, giving them a firsthand look at highly lucrative engineering careers available within the manufacturing arena.  The sixth grade students watched engineers perform computer aided design and analysis and then witnessed automated welding machinery and learned about the math required to program it.  All of this underscored the importance of math and science, even at the junior high school level.

  “We appreciate the opportunity to host school groups like this,” said Fecon President John Heekin. “Manufacturing offers great career opportunities but the work is getting more technically demanding – so more math and science is required. Showcasing the computer design and analysis involved helps students – especially at the junior high school level – realize that math and science careers can be rewarding, and cool.”

According to Principal Mark Graler, the trip’s goal was to make the students realize the abundance of good jobs right at home in Lebanon, in fields such as engineering and math.

 “To help students get an idea of the kind of job they could have someday, if they pursued a track of higher level math or science skills, and allow them to see those skills in action,” he said. Before going out onto the production floor, the students got a first-hand look of the engineering wing of the facility.  “Seeing the semi-like size of the machines and laser-cutting tools used on a daily basis, gave the students a good idea of what they could be doing, if they take care of their school work,” Graler said.

The “ah-ha” moment for many of the sixth graders was seeing all of the equipment the engineers deal with.

 “They are standing at these big machines operating three keyboards and seven monitors making sure all these things work like they are supposed to work, so that the product turns out the right way,” Graler said.

Students learned that even a tiny screw in a machine is designed by someone before it is placed into it, which helped them think more critically. Moreover, many of the students realized even if they did not want to get into the production side of the facility, it had other departments as well, including marketing, accounting, and customer service.

“There are all these other components of manufacturing that you can be a part of, even if you aren’t doing the actual manufacturing”, commented Graler.

Naturally, students enjoy being away from the classroom every-once-in-a-while, but they benefitted by seeing firsthand what post-education careers might look like. 

“Something we struggle to do in the classroom every day is to make things real for the students,” Graler said, adding that portraying career opportunities is hard to replicate in a classroom setting. “We can Skype with people in remote places, or we can be online looking at things, and the kids certainly explored the Fecon website…but none of that really compares to being here, seeing the functioning workplace.”

Graler also pointed out that this hands-on experience made the students  aware of the importance of  “soft skills,” like being on time to work every morning, getting along with others, and getting the job done right the first time -  traits that every employer looks for, regardless of field. It was a win-win situation for both students and teachers at Berry.

“It was a really great day,” Graler concluded.  

Those sentiments are echoed by Heekin and other manufacturers who struggle trying to fill manufacturing positions.  Hopefully field trips like this one will open students’ eyes to the possibilities of manufacturing careers…and that might make their math and science courses a little more bearable,,,if not fun.  

Fecon®, Inc. Offers Thumb Receiver for Excavator Mulchers

June 2013 - Fecon®now offers an optional thumb receiver for severe-duty excavator mounted Bull Hog Forestry Mulchers.  The Bull Hog can now be used to move and position logs, slash, stumps or rock by using the receiver in conjunction with the thumb of an excavator.  Aggressive serrated bars mounted on the end of the Bull Hog provide enhanced grip for the thumb, making the operator more versatile and productive.  This newly expanded capability in excavator mulching is well suited for land clearing, forestry thinning, fuel load reduction in the wildfire urban interface, or on wetland construction projects.  The thumb receiver option is available for Fecon’s BH40EXC, BH80EXC, and BH200EXC Bull Hog models.



Fecon Introduces EX55 Support Crawler

July 2013 - Fecon would like to introduce the EX55 Support Crawler, a rubber track compact crawler designed as a support unit to the EX300S Drill Rig. The EX55 is built with the same quality components and maneuverability as the EX300S and is equipped with a drill rod holder, steel/plywood lined locking boxes and fold down bed rails all mounted on a robust 1/2” steel platform. The EX55 carries all the necessary drilling essentials, thus eliminating the need for heavy support equipment to haul supplies into drill sites. It has the capability to haul supplies and sensitive materials needed in seismic drilling work and outfitted especially for that application. Size and ground speed are matched to the drills and make an efficient Seismic Drilling operation.  The EX300S and EX55 is a matched pair providing unmatched ease of operation, maneuverability and minimal disturbance to drill sites. The EX55’s base carrier can also be used as a universal platform for many configurations including a dump body, flatbed, spraying equipment or firefighting carrier.

Fecon®, Inc. Announces Komatsu Equipment Company as a Dealer

August 2013 - Fecon® proudly announces Komatsu Equipment Company as their dealer and service, parts provider in Utah, Wyoming and part of Nevada. Komatsu Equipment Co. will stock BH80EXC Mulchers mounted on Komatsu PC200 excavators, FTX100LGPs, BH74SSV Skid Steer Mulchers , FBS 1500 bunching tree shears and a rotating front grapple for skid steers as well as teeth and parts to support the attachments and machines. They will also add machines and attachments to their rental fleet.

“I’m very excited that Komatsu Equipment Company has partnered with Fecon. It is an excellent match of complimentary products and company philosophies regarding quality and service.” Regional Manager Mark Ferguson

Fecon® and Komatsu Equipment Co. will be a great team, together fulfilling the Land Clearing, Vegetation Management, Right-of-Way Clearing, and Site Prep equipment needs of the Southwest. Komatsu Equipment will also provide many local service facilities for all Fecon products and customers.

Fecon Introduces Self-Contained Drilling Support Trailer

September 2013 - Fecon introduces the GL14 Support Trailer, a self-contained Grouting and/or Mud Drilling support system for your drilling applications. The Fecon GL14 is an efficient work station for grout, mud mixing and pumping operations. Hydraulic lift assist ramps allow easy access to features like the 200 gallon water supply tank for back flushing & cleaning, 58 gallon hopper for grout mixing and 500 feet of grout line hose reel capacity.  The GL14 Support Trailer also has lockable storage for tools and drill rods.

With everything fitting on a 6’ x 14’ flatbed trailer, the GL14 can be towed by truck or by the Fecon GL300 Drill Rig, it also has 4 wheel brakes which allows for safe highway towing.  The Fecon GL300 Drill and GL14 Support Trailer together provide “The Hole Solution” for geothermal ground loop installation.

Introducing the FMA8039 Milling Attachment

October 2013 - Fecon Inc. introduces the new FMA8039 Hydraulic Powered Milling Attachment rated at 260-550 HP, to process soil, stumps, and roots up to 20” below grade.  A massive weight of approximately 11,000 pounds (depending on options) keeps the attachment engaged as carbide tools cut through an 80” wide path of material.  The 8039 is ideally suited for treating land already cleared of standing vegetation, often through logging, mulching, or traditional land clearing methods.  Applications include pipeline construction, commercial tree farm construction and preparation planting, converting land into tillable acreage, or land clearing for new construction. 

A 39” x 80” large diameter rotor has an innovative structural design and abrasion resistant steel for durability and performance across a wide range of soil conditions.  64 carbide cutting tools provide a balance of performance, wear life, and impact strength in sub-soil applications.  Dual hydraulic motors deliver power to the belt-over-gear box driveline to slow the rotor speed, reduce abrasion, and multiply torque to power through material.  The standard trap door can be used to help contain and direct material downward, or an optional compacting roller can smooth out and compact the finely milled material.

The FMA8039 milling attachment can be configured with custom mounts, hydraulic motors, and belt ratios to fit many brands of track or wheeled carriers including Fecon’s FTX400 and FTX600 track carriers.  

Fecon’s LOG JAW™ Wood Splitter takes a Big Bite out of Big Wood

November 2013 - Fecon, Inc. introduces the Log Jaw™ Wood Splitter to their forestry attachment product line. The Log Jaw is a hydraulic-powered wood splitting attachment for skid steers, excavators and loaders.

The Log Jaw wood splitter attachment will rip apart long, large diameter logs and stumps into manageable pieces for chippers, wood grinders, or for firewood processing. The Log Jaw is Fecon’s low cost, high return solution for handling oversized and difficult to process logs and stumps that would otherwise require expensive disposal fees.

Splitting logs into optimally-sized pieces improves the efficiency and production of chippers and grinders, while putting less stress on and requiring less horsepower from the processing equipment. Introducing the Log Jaw is another innovative way Fecon is catering to their customers in the composting, recycling, wood/firewood processing, and land clearing markets.

According to Grant Mosher, Fecon’s product manager for the Log Jaw, “When our customers come across stumps and logs that are naturally too big for their machines to handle, there has been no economical solution for processing or disposal. The Log Jaw wood splitter is going to help our customers maximize their throughput and profitability.”

The Log Jaw attachment-- weighing approximately 1750 lbs. mounted to a skid steer-- has a 40” jaw opening (tip to tip) and 90° of rotation, allowing the operator to attack oversized wood from multiple angles. The universal quick attach mount makes for an easy install on 75+ horsepower skid steers. For 8 to 16 ton excavators, a mount will be built to your excavator’s specifications.

Fecon is an industry leader in the manufacturing of land clearing and forestry equipment, aiming to deliver durable, creative and productive products to industry professionals. 

Fecon Adds FTX128R Rubber Tracked Mulcher to FTX Tractor Line

Fecon Inc is proud to introduce the FTX128R Rubber Tracked Mulcher. The new rubber undercarriage utilizes a heavy duty bogie roller system and metal imbedded rubber tracks. The FTX128R offers 23” of ground clearance, powerful steering, excellent traction, and a PSI of 4.5 for responsive handling in soft wet conditions.

The FTX128R is ideal for right of way clearing where working on both sides of the road is necessary, or for moving a short distance to the next clearing site.  The ride quality is smooth with excellent performance on or off pavement.

The FTX128R features attachment versatility with a quick attach coupler combined with up to 60 GPM of in cab adjustable high flow and optional pressure adjustment.   

Fecon also supplies many forestry and construction related attachments to make the FTX128R the best choice for mulching, tree shearing, stump grinding and even asphalt milling with wider cold planers.

Fecon Introduces New Excavator Powered Stump Grinder

December 2013 - Fecon Inc is pleased to announce the SH360 Excavator Stumper, the newest addition to their Stump Grinder Product Line. The SH360 mounts to any 20+Ton excavator via a bolt-on mount custom fit to the particular excavator. Hydraulics and drive train can be set up for the power provided by the excavator in the 45-65gpm range and up to 5500psi. For ultimate performance the SH360 can be set up for the Fecon BHP170 and BHP250 self-contained Powerpacks with Fecon Power Management that deliver 65-105gpm.

The SH360 is designed for those hard to reach stumps that cannot be safely accessed with normal stumper carriers. It is a compliment to the Fecon line of Stumpers for skid steers and small to large prime movers. 

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Press Articles

Fecon's Stumpex attachment removes most stumps in just 90 seconds, makes debris cleanup a snap

When a land clearing contractor brought what eventually became the Stumpex attachment to Fecon, the concept still needed a lot of work to make it commercially viable. “We started working together and added some features that turned out to be very effective,” says Denis Goldbach, vice president, Fecon. - See more at:

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FECON and Invasive Species

Here are some pictures of our fecon. It is an attachment for our Bobcat skid loader that we use to “mow” woody brush. 

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Pioneering Spirit is Alive and Well in Alaska: Land Clearing Contractor Routinely Clears Way for Infrastructure Developments

Although the golden age of railroads is long past, clearing rail extensions is just one of the infrastructure pioneering projects that TJs LandClearing – a Fairbanks, Alaska company routinely accomplishes. In addition, they often cut roads to remote Alaskan villages, clear right-of-ways for electric utilities as well as fiber optics, and even cut vegetation from areas that will be runways and hangars when relocating airports.

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Lesss Shrubs and Moor Views

Take a walk in the northwestern portion of our vast Middle Moors property holdings this winter, and you will see that the landscape in this area has been opened up dramatically. This brushcutting management work is being undertaken by Foundation staff and is associated with our Middle Moors Wildland Fire Management Plan. 

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AEM Honors 34 Companies for 2014

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) announced the 2014 recipients of the annual Pillar of the Industry awards. Winners are member companies who have achieved Gold-Level status in the association's I Make America pro-manufacturing advocacy campaign.

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SMS EQUIPMENT NOW CARRIES FECON - Broad lineup of purpose-built machines provide high productivity in a wide range of applications

“We are very proud to incorporate Fecon’s line of equipment into our dealer solutions and we have already begun our partnership with all the staff at Fecon. Their products are an ideal complement to our current product offerings and we are eager introduce this line of equipment into the Canadian marketplace” said Bruce Knight, President and CEO, SMS Equipment.

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2013 was one of the slowest years for the district in many years with 680 acres treated, while recording just a single wildfire.  Burn crews, comprised of District staff, ADs and other agency personnel, completed burns on 14 Waterfowl Production Areas.  The burns were accomplished either by broadcast burning or pile burning.    

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Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge Brushland Management

Great Swamp National Wildlife Refuge has finished its brushland management just in time for the bird’s migration north. This year with hard work we managed nearly 30 acres of habitat. 

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Endangered Necedah

Five years ago, the U.S. Senate designated the third Friday in May as Endangered Species Day.  This year, Endangered Species Day is May 21, an opportunity to raise awareness about imperiled plants, animals, and habitats, and to demonstrate ways that others can help conserve these resources.  The following is an example of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service working with others to recover endangered plants, animals and habitats.

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Fecon Tracked Carrier Provides Light Footprint, Heavy Production

Sam Pullig once had to watch out for a certain kind of beetle while mowing down trees and brush in Oklahoma. With a tracked carrier, he was able to get the job done without disturbing the insect’s habitat.

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Manny Award Winner Article
Mulcher Speeds ROW Clearing for Naval Project

When the Naval Support Facility in Dahlgren, Virginia, made plans to expand, Dominion Electric geared up to build a new transmission line and substation. Before the utility could start construction, however, it had to clear the the right-of-way corridor: 8 miles of hilly and heavily forested right-of-way stretching from Route 3 to the Dahlgren Naval base in rural King George County, Virginia. 

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Virginia Contractor Uses Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher to Vanquish Invasive Species

With a Fecon Bull Hog mulcher head mounted to a Terex PT 100 forestry track loader, JR Landworks is ready to eradicate invasive species.

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Over the last five decades there has been a large decrease in big game migratory corridors and winter range throughout Colorado. The two major factors are the loss of large ranches, being subdivided into smaller parcels and fire suppression policies. Both factors have separate solutions that are currently being addressed. 

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What’s with the brushcutting along the Madaket Bike Path?

NCF is excited about initiating vegetation management this winter associated with our Wildfire Risk Reduction Program.

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Mulcher Helps Trim Weeks Off Sound Barrier Installation Project

When the Bob Ray Company bid on the removal of volunteer trees and underbrush so that sound barrier walls could be erected along a stretch of Louisville’s Watterson Expressway, it knew that the tight quarters would not allow a traditional tracked mulcher to be used. Tee Ray, the company's president, figured they would have to do it by hand, and estimated the project would take a month or more with a three-person crew trimming and chipping.

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SMS Equipment Now Carries Fecon
Fecon Arrives in the UK

Fecon, market leaders in the USA, are now to be imported to the UK by Bioequipment Limited, based in South Wales. The APF show will host the UK launch of Fecon products. An FTX100 mulching tractor and a CEM 36 excavator mulching head will be exhibited and demonstrated on Stand 1000 to1040 at APF.

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