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Fecon offers a wide range of stump grinding attachments in our Stump Hog line for skid steers and excavators and forestry prime mowers.

  • Severe Duty Frame, Wheel, and Drive available
  • Multiple models for Skid Steers, Excavators, and Hydraulic Forestry Prime Movers
  • Stump Hogs can be matched with most brands of high-horsepower, high-flow skid steers or loaders. Our high horsepower hydraulic stump hogs are designed for hydraulic forestry prime movers on tracks or wheels with 200-300HP.
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Stump Hog Carbide Stump Grinders Overview

Excavator Stumper
Fecon® offers three different models of excavator stump grinding attachments SH360-45, SH360-61, SH360-100. The reach, mobility, and precise control using the curling action of the excavator make it the ideal platform for stump grinding. With Fecon excavator stump grinders the operator always has a full view of the disk and stump.

Skid Steer Stumper
Fecon® offers three models of Stump Grinders: the SH260, SH280 and the SH400. These Stump Hogs can be matched with most brands of high horsepower, high-flow skid steers or loaders and forestry prime movers. Fecon provides engineering support to ensure you are getting the best model and hydraulic protection for your carrier.
The SH260 is the ideal Stump Hog for high horsepower and high flow skid steers. Offering swing, plus in/out and up/down features, operators do not have to lift, tilt or track while stumping. At 1,640 lbs. and a 26"" wheel, this Stump Hog is ideal for Skid Steers.
The SH400 is the heavy duty Stump Hog for loaders or forestry prime movers. This attachment will accept up to 85 gpm and can be mounted to virtually any prime mover in the 200-to-300 HP range. It has a working depth of 40"" and telescoping abilities of up to 24"".

Hydraulic Tractor Stumpers

Fecon offers high performance stump grinders for hydraulic tractors and forestry prime movers on tracks or wheels. Fecon can equip each stumper with pin on or quick attach mounts to interface with your machine of choice and will work efficiently with the standard hydraulics of most carriers. 

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Stump Hog Carbide Stump Grinders Product Specifications

SH140 (FTX148 only)

Hydraulic HP 150 hp
Flow/PSI 61 gpm @ 6000 PSI
Diameter 34”
Thickness 4.5”
Tools 90
Width 80”
Depth 36”
Telescoping No
Weight 2,950 lbs
Length 82”
Width 76"


Hydraulic hp 75-100 hp
Flow/PSI 30-45 gpm @ 3,000-4,750 PSI
Diameter 26”
Thickness 3.75”
Tools 32
Width 70”
Depth 24”
Telescoping 12”
Weight 1,640 lbs
Length 63”-77”
Width 60”

SH280 (FTX128 Only)

Hydraulic Horsepower 128 hp
Flow 60 GPM
Pressure 4,600 PSI
Wheel RPM 1,000 RPM @ 60 GPM
Wheel Dia. with Tools 28.75"
Wheel Thickness / with Tools 1" / 4.5"
Tools 24
Ground Clearance 26" with loader arms down
Length 84"
Width 60"
Height 38"

SH360 (EXC)

Hydraulic HP 20 T EXC and up
Flow/PSI 40-105 gpm
Diameter 36"
Thickness 4"
Tools 15
Width unlimited
Depth 40"
Telescoping No
Weight 2,600 lbs
Length 36"
Width 36"


Hydraulic hp 200-300 hp
Flow/PSI 85-100 gpm @ 4,500 PSI
Diameter 45.5”
Thickness 5.75”
Tools 116
Width 92”
Depth 40”
Telescoping No
Weight 5,400 lbs
Length 120”
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  • Land Clearing

    Terrain, density of the vegetation, soil stability, moisture, species to be treated, environmental concerns and obstacles to work around are some of the considerations when choosing the right machine for the application. The successful land-clearing contractor will usually approach the job with a variety of units including tracked or wheeled mulching machines, excavator mulchers and skid steer tractors equipped with mulching attachments as well as other tools to handle the many tasks found on the average land-clearing site.

  • Vegetation Management

    Fecon products are used for clearing vegetation for utility right-of-ways (ROW), roadside clearing, removal of invasive species, removal of wood fuels in the forest, and silviculture to maintain and improve forests.

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