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Take a big bite out of big wood! Now, you can improve Chipper/Grinder performance and lifespan when you downsize wood waste with Fecon's Log Jaw™ Wood Splitter attachment for skid steers and 8-16 ton excavators. The log jaw will rip apart long, large diameter logs and stumps into manageable pieces for chipping, grinding, and firewood processing.

  • Downsize wood waste
  • Improve Chipper performance and lifespan
  • 90° of rotation on a skid steer
  • Full clockwise and counterclockwise rotation on an excavator
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Log Jaw Wood Splitter Overview

The Log Jaw attachment weighing approximately 1750 lbs with skid steer quick-attach mount has a 40" jaw opening (tip to tip) and 90° of rotation, allowing the operator to attack over-sized wood from multiple angles. A mount can be built to meet the specifications of your excavator providing 360° rotation.


LOG JAW Standard Features

  • Downsize wood waste
  • Improve Chipper performance and lifespan
  • 90° of rotation on a skid steer
  • Full 360° rotation on an excavator
  • Skid-steer quick attach available 40" jaw opening from tip to tip
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Log Jaw Wood Splitter Product Specifications

Fecon Log Jaw

Height (tips to mount) 51.25” | 1302 mm
Weight (with mount) 1,756 lbs | 797 kg
Jaw Opening (tip to tip) 40.25” | 1022 mm
Hydraulic Cylinder 5” x 24” w/ 3” Rod (Skid Steer) | 127 mm x 610 mm w/ 76 mm Rod
Rotator for excavator application 360° rotation
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